This year we are expanding with a new opportunity

There are several of us who have looked at the possibility of, in an orderly way, in addition to our tithe every month. Different congregations have different models and we are stuck with PILLAR models.

The idea is that Hjärta for Hope and PELARE will carry much of what we do in addition to the monthly.

It could be the Easter Festival. The summer party. Building or renovation of premises. Church camp. Youth camp, Playzone and KIDS. In short, the more we collect, the more we can do! We also believe that God wants to bless you as a giver.

What does PILLARS mean?

● PILLARS create space and room for others to grow.

● PILLARS create soil so others can flourish.

● PILLARS build a place where others can find shelter.

● PILLARS stand firm and are not going anywhere.

● PILLARS create stability.

● PILLARS carry weight, which gives stability and security in what God wants to do and build.

● PILLARS do not seek attention but understand that it is there for a greater purpose.

● PILLARS are neither floor nor ceiling – we are not built on or limited by any human – but enable us to reach the next level.


In Isaiah 54, which is a chapter that Hope Church has had pronounced on it from several quarters, ever since its inception in 1986. It says, among other things:

“Expand the place for your tent, stretch out the tent cloths where you live and don’t hold back. Make your tent lines long and your pegs strong, for you will spread out to the right and to the left. Your descendants will inherit the Gentiles and repopulate the desolate cities. All your children will become disciples of the Lord, and the peace of your children will be great. In righteousness you shall be established. Oppression shall be far from you, you have nothing to fear. The fear must be gone, it must not come near you.”
Isaiah 54:2-3, 13-14 SFB15

We believe that PILLARS can help us reach further and reach more people with the gospel. We also believe that the more PILLARS we become, the more we can do. We can bet on some extra KIDS activity at the Easter Festival. We can have an extra outreach in a vulnerable area. We can give food bags to those in need.
The more we bring in, the more we can do.

You are invited to special gatherings for PILLARS twice a year. You get good teaching that helps you in your everyday life, sometimes with a visiting speaker. Nice community and first hand information on how the resources are used.

This is how you can become a PILLAR!

At each year’s Hjärta för Hope, you can sign up to give at least SEK 500 a month, in addition to your tithe, during the coming year.

You sign up to become a PILLAR from November 2022 to October 2023. That is, one year at a time.

For those of you who are under 20 years of age, we have Youth Pillars:
SEK 50/month. (with freedom to give more)

Everyone who carries a heart for Hope Church is warmly welcome! Students, workers in all occupational groups, jobseekers and entrepreneurs. You can join as an individual and/or couple. If you are married, it is a strength to be together, and if you can, it is great if you can attend our meetings together.



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